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Our forms are developed for Adobe Reader software (PDF Application required for iPad/Android/iPhone).  ALL functions described below or elsewhere on our site apply to users running the free Adobe Reader software. Our forms can be used in other PDF software however we cannot guarantee our functions will operate as described.
*Where can I get the latest version of Adobe Reader?
Adobe Reader is free software developed by Adobe.  You can download this free software here

*What is the difference between FREE forms and PDFLegal forms?
Our forms have many features not found in any of the free forms found on the various court websites. All of our forms have a "Shrink to fit" feature that will allow any amount of text to fit in a single field, you can attach files to any of our forms, you can add comments or notes to any of our forms, you can save a completed form and re-use it anytime, change the font type or size in any field, and  finally you can add text fields anywhere in a form where a text field may not already exist. All of our forms are in a PDF format for use in the Free Adobe Reader software. PDFLegal is a recognized publisher of the California Judicial Council Forms by the California Judicial Council Branch. Along with our form features we also give you the ability to secure any form and share or store them using our File Manager service.

*Are your forms updated?
All PDFLegal forms are updated on a regular basis. Upon the California Judicial Council approval, we publish the latest/updated forms.  The typical schedule for new/updated forms are January and July. Any out of ban updates are published as they get released. You can be assured you are always using the latest approved form. We offer an RSS feed of any new forms as we publish them, visit our form feed. We are also listed as an official form publisher for the California Judicial Council Forms on their website.
*How do I access or download your California Legal Forms?
While browsing our forms you should notice a BUY NOW button beneath each form, this button appears for all NON-SUBSCRIBERS. If you are an existing subscriber you must first login, a DOWNLOAD button will appear beneath each form.
*Do you have Local Forms?
Majority of the California Judicial Council Forms have been adopted for mandatory use in local courts. If you have a local form not found in our index you can use our File Manager to upload a local form to your PDFLegal account making it accessible from your PDFLegal account.
*Can I use my iPad or other Mobile device with your service?
Yes, for all iPad users we have fully tested an application for use with PDFLegal. You can fill-out and secure a PDFLegal form from your iPad.  Our File-Manager service is also compatible with the iPad however at this time you cannot upload documents to your PDFLegal account (upload feature coming soon), you CAN download/edit/secure/save/email/sign them from your iPad. Visit the APP store to download the iPad App (PDF Expert). Your clients can even sign a form right from your iPad. Assistance is provided for PDFLegal Subscribers.
*Can I save a PDFLegal form after I fill it out using Adobe Reader?
Yes,  All of our forms can be saved for later use or editing using Adobe Reader software.  This software is free and can be downloaded from the Adobe Website. We highly recommend using the latest version (Adobe Reader X) for stability and security reasons.
*What is the PDFLegal File Manager?
Our file manager gives customers the ability to upload any form to our servers for either sharing across multiple devices (iPad, other network users, home computers, etc) or storing completed forms for later use (Custom form compatible). For example, if you have a form you are constantly using you can make any changes to it and upload it to our servers, anyone in your office can access this form and make changes if required. There are several benefits for anyone using our File Manager, this service is available to all registered PDFLegal customers. All connections to our servers are 256bit encrypted for maximum privacy.
*What if I need to add text somewhere in a form where there is not a text field?
Every form has a feature added that will allow you to add text anywhere in a form, the text you add can be adjusted in any way to meet your needs, this includes the font type, color, and size.
*Can I attach a file or files to any of your forms using Adobe Reader?
Our forms have the ability to add any file to a form using Adobe Reader software.  You have the ability to attach a single file or multiple files. Most people will attach related files or forms to a single PDFLegal form to help maintain a single point for all related client or case files.
*I have had a problem with text not fitting in a form field with other services, do your forms address this issue?
Yes, for any field in a PDFLegal form you can change the font type or size, we have an AUTO font that will "shrink-to-fit" any text for that field.  Your text will always fit!
*Can I secure your forms using Adobe Reader?
Yes, using Adobe Reader in conjunction with our tool you can generate a secured form.  A secured form is a form that cannot be changed, the editable text fields and buttons are removed only leaving your text.  People sending forms via email or efiling them should secure a form before transit, this will help keep the data in a form private and keep any changes from being made.
*I have Adobe Acrobat. Do I need to get Adobe Reader to use your forms?
Our Forms will allow you to use Adobe Reader/Acrobat version 8 or above or other compatible PDF viewer software.
*Is there an AUTOFILL feature in your forms?
Yes,  when using Adobe Reader 10 or above you can select the option to use autofill for the redundant data used throughout our forms.  This can be setup by following the instructions below:
1. Open Adobe Reader and go to EDIT found on the top menu bar, then select PREFERENCES.
2. Click FORMS on the left side.
3. You should see AUTO-COMPLETE, in the dropdown select ADVANCED.  Also check the REMEMBER NUMERICAL DATA.
4. Click OK.
Now as you begin filling out forms the redundant data gets captured and will present itself when you begin typing something similar, you will just need to select it.